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The cost of signs and plaques vary by design, size and complexity. We can do small simple signs with carved text that start at $40. These are easier to design cut/engrave and finish. We can also do signs with 3D elements, and sizes up to about 5 ft. These obviously take longer to design, carve and finish, so they are all priced accordingly. Please contact us for a free quote.

Normal turnaround time is 1-2 weeks and depends on how busy we are in the shop. Time may also vary depending on time of the year and on special holidays. We work on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us for a more specific time quote.

WE use CNC machines for all wooden signs, and a laser to put custom inscriptions on the wooden signs. We also use a laser to engrave other materials such as plastics, plexiglass, leather, wood, aluminum, and certain metals. Check out our project gallery for examples.

We can use any type of wood that is locally available. We also laser engrave products like coated steel tumblers, leather, key chains, koozies, portfolios picture frames, plastics, metals and more.

We can recreate most image files as long as they are clear enough, most simple jpg, bmp, gif image files will work. We convert all files to vectors so it is preferred to have .dxf. cdr and .ai files. If you’re looking for something 3D, .stl file type would be required.

Yes, we can use your artwork. As long as it is clear enough and the resolution is good enough for us to use or recreate it.

We can engrave on most materials including wood, marble, granite, glass, acrylic, leather, fabric and most untreated metals.

Yes! Once you see your proof you can make changes by letting us know what you would like to see different.

We currently accept cash or paypal.

Yes, please look at our project gallery to see if there is something you like. If not, we are always open to trying something new.

Yes! Please contact us to make sure we can ship to your area. Domestic shipping only.